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dedicated, hardworking professionals.



You may own your own parcel of land but need us to design and construct a completely original custom home, or you may already have the plans but require our talents to find the ideal setting and pull all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Whatever the scenario, we welcome the opportunity to help you build your dream home from the ground up. You bring the vision, we’ll bring our expertise to make that vision a reality.

A semi-custom home from Ambassador Building Group often involves one of our superlative handpicked locations and the ideal floor plan to match. We might begin construction before we have a buyer, but if you enter into the picture early on – you can still have a sense of a custom experience as you select many of the exterior details, design elements and interior features that make your home one-of-a-kind. For instance, have you always dreamed of having a set of built-in bookcases in your study, exposed beams in your family room or a certain color stone in the kitchen – we can do that… and so much more!



Ambassador Building Group is proud to add Commercial Construction to our growing repertoire of services. Our construction team has been certified to design and build commercial structures. Add to that our talent for land development, and Ambassador makes an excellent partner to small business owners who are seeking a prime location in which to open their corporate office, restaurant or retail site.

Here are just a few of the areas in which Ambassador Building Group would be of service to commercial clients:


Educational Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Shopping Centers

Retail Spaces


Office Buildings


Senior Living Facilities


Manufacturing Facilities

And More!



As an Houston-based boutique business, Ambassador Building Group welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other small business owners to make their vision a reality throughout the Metro Houston area. From a high-end, high energy workspace where employees will be inspired to be creative, innovative and industrious to an inviting luxury retail space that embodies the sense of a sought-after shopping destination, Ambassador Building Group can elevate just about any commercial concept with our signature dedication to special touches and quality craftsmanship.

Each Ambassador Building Group contractor is fully licensed, registered and insured, and is well prepared to tackle projects of varying size and scope. We’d love to add YOUR COMPANY to our growing list of commercial construction clients. To schedule a no obligation consultation, call us today at 833-605-6400.



With a senior management team of industry specialists who have worked together for years, Ambassador Building Group provides its clients unmatched experience in multifamily projects. Just as every project is built on a strong foundation, so too is the leadership at Ambassador. Our team of industry specialists explore each project’s unique characteristics to ensure that innovation and stability are at the core of each project.

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